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Wedding Locations: Arley Arboretum & Gardens, Bewdley. Cutnall Green, Worcestershire.
In England, you couldn't legally get married outside unless it's under a permanent structure (like a pagoda) and be officially sanctioned.

To get around this restriction it became very popular to have two ceremonies.

A legally binding one at a registry office and then a beautiful outdoor blessing or humanist ceremony somewhere else!

Laura & Howi did their legal bit the day before at a local registry office with close family and friends. They organised another ceremony outside at Arley Arboretum. A very important place to Laura.

Heavy rain threatened to show it's face during the day but luckily didn't arrive until late afternoon. It totally soaked the bouncy castle they had set up at their reception.

It didn't put them off from making full use of it though before I said my goodbyes leaving them all to continue the celebrations into the evening.

It was an amazing day! A huge thank you to Laura & Howi for letting me tag along!
Messages I received below.

"Thank you so much for this... the photos I've seen so far are beautiful (and yes I've cried at the music!!) We are looking forward to receiving the photos now.

Thank you for photographing our wedding. We had the best day of our lives and you were amazing.

Got involved with all the guests and everyone has said how nice and wonderful you were. Laura & Howi"
Tell me how you first met? who what when where why?

We met at Tesco when I started working there (around 7 years to the day we get married) – Howi had the job of looking after me. Although I knew of him through being at school with his sister (Paye).

We got on from day one really and started being friends, along with two of our colleagues, Katie and Matt. Howard thought I was shy!

Where was your first date?

I swear we have never had a ‘date’ but whilst I thought we were friends, we went to the cinema to watch a film neither of us can remember!– so I guess it was a date!

Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

I didn’t see the proposal coming at all. We were heading up to Edinburgh for the week and stopped off at Lake Windermere for breakfast. We sat in my favourite spot up there, no one around.

Howi then started telling me how he had asked my dad at our friend’s wedding if he could marry me, then got the ring out of the picnic basket!

He had been planning it for 2 months, and he was very nervous! He had to do a best man’s speech at his friend’s wedding (the night he asked my dad) and both of those events were less scary than asking me to marry him.

Why did you choose The Bond as the venue for your wedding?

We chose Arley as I have lived there for 17 years so it was a huge part of my life. I used to sit in that spot with my dog, and when my grandparents used to visit they also liked to sit there.

When we were planning the wedding, it was Howi that suggested to have it there. Which obviously made me cry!!

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

I love the fact that Howi makes me laugh every day, even when I am stressed with uni and planning a wedding! Howi loves that I make him laugh also, and I make him good dinners!!

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

We are both looking forward to having all our families together (and the hog roast!).

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

I haven't enjoyed the planning really – I think that is down to the fact I have planned a wedding and completed my 2nd year of Nursing degree (hardest year) at the same time. I have enjoyed doing all the DIY details for the wedding though.

My advice to brides – Look around before you say yes. Also, don't be afraid that a ‘Budget’ wedding will be boring and tacky.

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