Wedding Photographer Birmingham at The Bond Digbeth
Anna + Andy

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Wedding Location: The Bond Company, Digbeth, Birmingham.

Wedding Coverage: 8 hours.

The Bond Digbeth Birmingham
The Bond Digbeth Birmingham
The Bond Digbeth Birmingham
The Bond Digbeth Birmingham Wedding Photographer
The Bond Digbeth Birmingham Wedding Photography
The Bond Digbeth Wedding Photographer
The Bond in Birmingham Wedding Photography
The Bond in Birmingham Wedding Photography
Andrew and I stumbled across your website and we thought you sounded fab and the perfect wedding photographer for us!

We are definitely not the traditional wedding types.

We chose quite a quirky venue for our day in an area of Birmingham which is quite industrial with lots of graffiti around the canals so we could purposefully get great photos!

We are aiming at making our day as fun as possible with reception outdoor games, face paints/glitter, fancy dress...the works!! 

Firstly I wanted to ask if you were available on our wedding date and secondly if you are would it be possible to meet with you? Many thanks in advance. Anna & Andrew.

Two words describe Anna & Andrew's wedding....f**king awesome! They had the kind of non-traditional fun wedding that I absolutely love to be a part of!

This was also my first time at The Bond in Birmingham. What a cool place. Magnificent industrial Victorian architecture sitting right next to the Grand Union Canal sprawled with eye-catching graffiti.

A one-of-a-kind wedding venue with plenty of photo opportunities. The perfect backdrop to their amazing day!

A huge thank you to them both for choosing me to capture it!

Messages I received below.

"We absolutely love the slideshow! Can't believe how amazing the pics look- thank you so much. I cried all over again when I watched it!

So excited to see the rest of them.

Thanks so much the photos are fantastic. We are so pleased and feel like you captured the day perfectly. Wish just we could it all again."

- The Bond Company
- Wedding Photographer Birmingham -

Tell me how you first met? Who what when where why?

Andrew and I “met” back in 2007/2008 but then we were just a voices on the end of the phone.

I worked for an interior refurb contractor who was undertaking some works for the company where Andrew worked as a building surveyor.

I’d call him about various work related items but we’d always have a good chat about our weekends and what we were getting up to.

At that point I just thought he was a lovely friendly guy I’d probably never meet.

Towards the end of 2009 the company I worked for started to run into difficulties and I was subsequently made redundant (and the company folded). Andrew had popped into the office once so I had finally met him but only fleetingly and I certainly never thought we’d end up in a relationship.

I left my workplace in a hurry and didn’t really ever get chance to say thanks to Andrew as his conversation had kept me sane during some of the darker days in the office when I was on my own and things weren’t going so well.

Then a few weeks later I was at a temp job and a message popped up on my phone from Facebook saying Andrew has sent you a message!

I was surprised but also happy to hear from him. He told me he had actually Facebook stalked me in order to send me a message and he just wanted to say thanks for my help and was sorry to hear I had lost my job.

We got chatting and eventually decided to go for a drink (just as friends!).

Interestingly I had actually applied for a job at his workplace to cover a maternity contract and was declined an interview, then a week or so later I had a call from them asking me if I’d actually be interested in going in for one.

Andrew had put a good word in for me and helped me get the job which was just cover for 9 months.

We obviously became quite close over those few months but it wasn’t really until I left for a new job that we started up a relationship…...and the rest , as they say, is history!

Where was your first date? What did you think of each other?

I find it hard to pinpoint our first “proper” date as we got to know each other as friends first. The first time we met for a drink he was late! He appeared all sweaty as he’d had to run from his flat into town as I was, of course, on time!

Stupidly I had picked a bar that was underground and signal was terrible so I didn’t know where he was! We both fully expected just to meet up for 1 or 2 drinks but we actually ended out until about 1am.

I thought he was great, really funny and easy going and into the same sort of things I was. Conversation just flowed and I am usually terribly awkward around people I don’t know very well.
Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

I had absolutely no idea!!!!! I left work as usual on a Thursday evening still thinking about various things I had left to do at work on the Friday and met up with Andrew for our commute home.

He announced on the walk to the car park that he was taking me to our favourite log cabins in Wales the following day so I didn’t need to go to work.

I was really confused as my colleague had the day booked off and I just kept saying “but I can’t go!! Susan is off work tomorrow!”

As it turns out he had conspired with Susan a while back and booked me a day off without me knowing and whisked me a way on a surprise weekend to North Wales. Still not clicking what was going on I was telling all my friends how amazing he was doing this for me and they were all nodding and smiling!

We got there on the Friday and then on the Saturday woke up to torrential rain but Andrew had this plan to go for a walk up this mountain to a place called Blue Lake which was an old quarry with a massive deep blue/green lake at the top which overlooking Barmouth beach.

So off we went, it was a little bit soggy still but the sun was trying to come out. The climb up the mountain was practically vertical so we were both swearing and sweating and wondering “whose bloody idea was this anyway?”! but it was definitely worth it

We had a little walk around but Andrew kept wondering off on his own and I eventually found him sat on a rock looking over at the beach so I went to join him. The sun had finally come out and the view was beautiful.

Suddenly Andrew started fiddling around in his bag and then there it was! He was on one knee asking me to marry him!  I was genuinely shocked as it was completely unexpected but obviously I said yes straight away!

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

How can I pick one thing?! He just completely gets me and makes me laugh every day even when I am not in the mood for laughing.

I have never met anyone that I have felt so in tune with before – we often say the same things at the same time and have even emailed each the exact same words at the same time without having had any previous contact throughout the day (and it wasn’t just hello!).

He often answers questions I am thinking about without me having even said anything. It’s quite creepy sometimes actually.

I also love the fact he has allowed me to adopt 3 cats when actually all he really wants is a puppy. No chance of that now!

Why did you choose The Bond as the venue for your wedding?

Our first idea was to have a festival wedding in a field with camping and a marquee but right from the start we said if we have a non-festival wedding we wanted to get married in Digbeth as it has a big place in both of our hearts.

Andrew lived in Digbeth when we got together and we spent a lot of time going to clubs and bars in the area on weekends so it has a lot of memories for us both.

We looked at a field wedding and in the end decided it was too weather risky and too expensive! So we half looked at the Custard Factory but decided it wasn’t quite right for us and then I stumbled across The Bond.

We needed a big venue which would hold the amount of people we wanted but also have a quirky edge as neither of us are traditionalists.

The Bond was exactly what we were looking for – the industrial features, the canal, the graffiti and more importantly the large canopy over the outside area.

We felt that we would be able to hold most of our wedding outside but not have to worry about being in a marquee or getting wet and still have the luxury of having an inside for the evening time. It was perfect!

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Having everyone we love in one room together for a whole day – when does that ever happen!?

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

I am reluctant to say easy…but generally everything has gone really well. Andrew and I are very laid back people and whilst I admit I have a bit of organisation OCD (I have a very big spreadsheet!!!)

I have never once felt like it has been too much or felt stressed, everything seems to have just happened. We got in there pretty early with our save the dates so everyone knew it was happening then followed up with invites 6 months before the date.

This might seem a bit early but actually we had 99% of our RSVPs back a month before the deadline date. We didn’t post them, we emailed them and we set up a free wedding website with all the info on and a section where they could RSVP.

I think this definitely helped as people tend to forget to post things back!

I do have to thank my mum, she’s been helping me make various decorations and gathering bits and bobs that I need. I got my dress quite early as well but that was purely because I knew if I didn’t start looking early I’d worry about not finding what I wanted.

Turns out I found my dress on the first day!

Jo at The Bond has also been great – definitely make the most of your wedding coordinator! I have lost count of the amount of emails I’ve sent her asking her what I keep thinking are silly, small questions but things she must hear all the time!

She also comes up with questions for things I would never even thought of so it’s good to have an open dialogue going.

- Birmingham Wedding Photographer -




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