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Stanbrook Abbey - Malvern Wedding Photographer

Wedding Locations: Claines Church, Claines, Worcester. Stanbrook Abbey, Malvern.
It was great to be back at Claines Church and Stanbrook Abbey for this one. They're both on my `Favourite Venues in Worcestershire` list. Stanbrook is such an amazing place.

It's improved even more since I was last there.

It really is a venue where a wedding photographer can never run out of places to use...including the ladies toilets on this one!

Amy & Phil had the perfect wedding day! They took my advice and gave themselves plenty of time. It allowed everyone to really enjoy the day.

We were all able to chill out at the Mug House for a few drinks after the ceremony and Amy & Phil had time to grab a quick pizza on their way to Stanbrook!

They only wanted me for a few hours so I missed out on the bride preps, speeches and first dance. I'm pretty sure they would also have been just as perfect though.

Thought it would be fun to ask them a few questions leading up to their wedding day and post their answers here which you'll find at the end of the gallery.

A massive thank you to Amy & Phil for letting me share their day!
Messages I received below and their Google Review Here

"Those are so amazing! I got quite emotional reliving the day. It's exactly what I imagined they would look like but better!

It’s lovely to see friends and family moments that I missed and to look back on the moments that I can't remember even happening.

The kissing photo by the tree is one of my favourites too. Thanks again, I can’t wait to start framing our friends and family.

Thank you so much for being our photographer!

You were all we wanted and more. Love them all and I can't wait to start printing them out for our album! Amy & Phil x"
Here is our questionnaire!

I actually loved answering the questions as you do get a bit carried away with the whole ‘Wedding day’ fiasco and its nice to reflect together (or individually in our case) what getting married means to us and remember how we met and what we like about each other in the first place.

I think the questions are great and I’d add maybe a question about the bridesmaids or best men as in our case my maid of honour Laura (sister) was instrumental in us meeting in the first place.

Of course this isn’t relevant to all couples but I think the bridal party and groomsmen play a significant part in the planning and build up and actual wedding day and are a great support to the bride and groom.

Hope this helps! Amy & Phil x

Tell me how you first met? Who what when where why?

Amy - Essentially it was in the back of my sisters Rover 75 but that doesn't sound very romantic! My sister had been dating Phil’s housemate at the time and we were all invited to a local Bonfire night party in Harborne.

The housemate fell ill on the night but Phil came anyway and he ended up meeting my entire family all at once! Parents, Grandparents, the lot.

He still stayed and we watched the fireworks together drinking Strongbow out of cans. Classy!

Phil - I was pretty certain I was going to go to the fireworks with my housemate and his girlfriend. Amy’s sister, Laura, barged into my room to collect me, and pulled me down the stairs.

It was in those few seconds I found out that Matt was ill and not coming, and that all of Laura’s family would be there instead. This included Amy - Laura just said “She’s better looking than me, and she can bake.” Sold!

Where was your first date? What did you think of each other?

Amy - Our first official date together was in Birmingham just as the German Christmas market was setting up in the town centre.

We had arranged to meet in Wetherspoons (again, classy) and then went on to a sushi restaurant where I gave him a hand made birthday card as it was his birthday two days earlier.

We went for drinks and kept having to move on due to last calls and we ended up in The Pitcher & Piano in Brindley place. I remember thinking the time went alarmingly fast as it was 2am before I knew it!

I thought I'd never got on so well so quickly with anybody quite like this before. It was an amazing first date.

Phil - Amy nearly turned up in full a beerkeller outfit, not realising that I was joking about wearing lederhosen. And we both have a thing about cider and weird crisp flavours.

Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

Amy - The lead up to the proposal was just as impressive as the proposal in the end.

Pre-proposal surprise: My birthday was coming up and Phil wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I’d tried to guess and guess for weeks. Suspicions arose when a new passport arrived for me in the post that I hadn’t arranged!

At a halloween party the day before everyone was in on it and I still didn’t know! We set off and eventually I guessed that we were going to York! Which is my favourite place in the UK. Lots of lovely memories and family holidays.

Phil handed me small presents throughout the day and said they were clues to my main present.

First was a Christmas decoration shaped like an apple. Second a jam jar with a cocktail in it (it was a Manhattan which I didn’t guess initially) and then in a tea shop he gave me a notebook, New York City guide book and the plane tickets. I cried as I was really overwhelmed as I’d always wanted to go to New York at Christmas and really wasn’t expecting such a big gesture! So after this amazing birthday present we both planned our trip together.

December Friday 13th (hopefully not a bad omen) - Proposal: In the morning we had planned to go to the Metropolitan Museum which is right on the edge of Central Park. It had snowed quite heavily and the park looked beautiful.

It was also -3 so we were both wrapped up and looked ridiculous. I couldn’t take my gloves off for more than a few minutes at a time or they’d get too cold to function.

We walked around the museum and came outside just as the sun was setting. I’d noticed Phil was acting a bit odd. Telling me to follow him and constantly looking around the park. If somebody appeared he’d drag me somewhere else.

We walked up a small hill and he paused. Then I think I realised what was about to happen and I started to cry and Phil started to cry!

He had asked his friend Clare to make some bunting for me and asked me to hold one end of it. As he walked away it read ‘Will you marry me?” and he got down on one knee in the freezing snow.

I can’t remember much after that but I did say yes and got my gloves off long enough for Phil to put my ring on.

Soon after (about ten minutes and a few feet away) another guy got down on one knee to his girlfriend and proposed! A homeless guy went up and congratulated them and offered to take their photo.

We then went for a celebratory coffee and muffin and celebrated with a huge New York Pizza. It was perfect.

Phil - I think I carried that ring and the bunting around for 5 days in New York looking for the right place, getting more panicked as I went. I even managed to drop the bunting in a restaurant and had to run back to find it without being able to tell Amy what I was looking for.

By the time we found a nice quiet spot in Central Park I was frozen and couldn’t work my hands. Amy started crying and I had to ask a few times to see if it was happy crying or not. Luckily it was!

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

Amy - Phil is extremely patient. He is also very thoughtful and hardworking and consistently believes in me and my abilities even when I struggle to see them myself.

Phil - She’s gorgeous and I’m shallow. Nobody can make me laugh as much as Amy, so I love spending any time with her. She has a way of making even dull things feel fun.

Why did you choose Stanbrook Abbey as the venue for your wedding?

Amy - We had looked at a few venues in Worcester and all had quoted us around the same for similar numbers and requirements. We had seen Stanbrook had a ‘January sale’ on so we went to look and, I must admit, I fell in love as I was pulling up the drive!

Turned out they had our date free and we were going to be the only wedding on that day so I like to think it was fate.

It’s such a beautiful venue and every time we've visited the staff are brilliant and attentive.

It was also close to Claines Church, had the option for guests to stay overnight which was quite important to me as I want our friends and family to have a fun, relaxed evening and all have breakfast together the next day.

Phil - I didn’t think we’d manage to find anywhere as special as Stanbrook, so I was amazed when I saw it was available. It’s got a great feel about it and it looks incredible.

Amy is terrible at hiding what she is thinking, so I could see straight away that she loved it which clinched it for me.

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Amy - All our friends and family being in one room together. People making new friends and everyone having a good day.

Being able to share a once in a lifetime moment with Phil as all the components coming together on the day are because of our hard work and organisation and us coming together as one big family. Plus the food and wine!

Phil - Having a drink at Stanbrook. And the moment when we get a minute to ourselves as a married couple for the first time.

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

Amy - I’ve been a mix of being so laid back I’m almost horizontal to crying late at night over crepe paper flowers worried I’d taken on too much!

My mantra for this wedding has been ‘If I can avoid paying somebody to do it then I’m going to do it myself’. However I’d say if you're happy and can afford to pay for it then do it. Sometimes it's not worth the hassle.

Draw a timeline of when things need to be done and when. Enjoy it!

Phil - I’m aware that Amy has been the driving force in this, and I’m happy with that because she had a vision for how the wedding should look.

The groom always seems to take flak for doing less, but supporting Amy in this is more than it seems, and I’ve probably had more thought into how the guests will feel on the day (hopefully drunk) than how it looks.

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