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Manor Hill House Wedding Photographer - Bromsgrove

Wedding Locations: Manor Hill House, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.
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It was great to be back at Manor Hill House in Bromsgrove for this very unique wedding.

Claire & Ty decided to get married twice in one day! They had an intimate ceremony inside with just close family and friends.

Claire was still in her dressing gown and curlers whilst Ty turned up dressed as Batman! With a change of outfits, they then had a beautiful ceremony outside for everyone else!

They planned a wedding day they'd always remember, they also organised a celebration that their guests wouldn't forget either!

A massive thank you to Claire & Tyron for letting me be their wedding photographer and share their day!

Message I received below.

"Just want to say a huge thank you for our photos.

They are absolutely beautiful we love them all! You really captured the essence of the day.

Everyone is smiling in the background and having fun. They really have brought back fun memories and now we have them to keep.

Thank you so much again! Claire & Ty "
Tell me how you first met? Who what when where why?

We met via a friend who is now a bridesmaid for us. We went out on a double date and didn't really like each other. Ty ordered a lettuce leaf and water as he was on a stupid diet! He picked up on the fact I thought he was arrogant and didn't talk to him so he thought I was rude.

We then exchanged txt messages but it wasn't until a few months later we went on a first real date.

Where was your first date? What did you think of each other?

We went for a meal and the cinema for our first date. Ty told me he drove an Audi so I was really excited until he pulled up in a battered, rusty old banger. We had lots in common and realised we worked in the same clothes shop years before.

We both lived in Redditch but had never met which was nice as usually everyone knows everyone.
Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

We got engaged on holiday in Budapest at the fisherman's bastion. It's a marble white church fortress, very romantic. I had no idea and was in utter shock. Ty tried to record it but dropped the selfie stick so you can only hear us talking. Still romantic listening to it though.

Ty said he was so scared having the ring in his pocket and was terrified all day. The bastion was further than he thought so was panicking all day but it ended up being the happiest day of both our lives up to our wedding day.

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

Claire - I love how generous Ty is. He'll do anything for me and works tirelessly to ensure we have everything we want and have a happy life.

Tyron - I love how caring and considerate Claire is. She will make a wonderful wife, which is why I am planning to grow old with her.

Why did you choose Manor Hill House as the reception venue for your wedding?

We chose Manor Hill House in Worcestershire as we thought the modern look with the barn and the panoramic views of country side were stunning. It was completely different to anything we had seen before and thought it would go with our summer fete theme perfectly.

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Besides being married the thing we are most looking forward to is the look on our guests faces when we show them the surprises we have in store.

Even our parents don't know about certain elements in our day and we can't wait to see what they say!

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

Wedding planning is easy if you know what you want and you stick to it. Pinterest has been our best friend and gives you lots of ideas for unique and different weddings.

Once we got started everything fell in to place.

The tip we would give to other couples is try not to get too excited at first and buy lots of things. We bought so much a year before the wedding, when we planned the day properly, we realised we didn't need any of it.

Always remember it's your day no one else's and do what makes you both happy.
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