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Frederikshavn - Denmark

Wedding Location: Family Lodge in Frederikshavn, Denmark.
"Would you like to come to Denmark with us?" were the first words I received from Søren & Yvonne about their special day!

They were looking for a destination wedding photographer that fitted in with their fun personalities. Someone who could be just like one of their guests.

Someone who could have a great time with them but also someone who could give them both the reassurance their day would be perfectly captured.

So naturally I was blown away when they considered me for it and ultimately I couldn't wait to shoot it!

They both live in London and decided to have their wedding in Denmark where Søren is from. The backdrop for it all was the family lodge in Frederikshavn which lies near the northeast coast of the Jutland Peninsula in Northern Denmark.

They flew me over for 3 days to capture their amazing Danish-Nigerian fused wedding. I'm not going to ramble on too much about this one. I'll let their words below and the photos do the rest for me!

However, lets just say, Yvonne & Søren's wedding was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish!

Below are the emails and text messages I received following their wedding.
"We came back from our honeymoon yesterday and we're slowly reconnecting with the 'real' world again. Had an amazing time with lovely weather, food and drinks!

I don't think we can thank you enough for the work you did for us at our wedding, and before!

You absolutely smashed it, we've received so many positive comments from our guests who thought you did brilliantly.

We thoroughly enjoyed having you as our photographer and as a guest too! It was such a pleasure and we hope you had fun!

If you are ever in London, please come by for a cup of tea! And if we can help you with a recommendation/review please let us know.

We look forward to seeing the pictures." :) Yvonne & Søren.

"I watched the slideshow last night...very, very, very good...we think the photos are awesome and shared them immediately! They brought back emotions too!

You caught it all wonderfully. Thank you so much. Great job!"

"Apologies for the late reply. We've all had the opportunity to look through the pictures a few times now. In our case we've been through them more than just a few times!

There are so many stories behind them, many that we didn't experience ourselves on the day, so it's a lovely way of looking back.

The quality of the pictures are superb too - we couldn't be happier.

Our guests and others that have seen them have also told us how impressed they are.

Again, many thanks for it all, you've been great and please let us know if we can write a review for you!"

xx  Søren & Yvonne
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