1. Cost

Spend as much as you can afford on your wedding photographer. Why? Because it's an investment. When your wedding is over, what will you have?

The wedding dress will be stored in a box, your wedding flowers will be gone, your wedding cake will have been eaten, the grooms suit will have gone back to the hirer and the chauffeur will have forgotten all about you.

The only thing you will have to relive those special memories will be your wedding photographs.

Be wary of photographers that offer full coverage packages with an album at a very low cost as these guys will almost certainly be doing this as a side income to their usual job which means they may cancel on you at short notice due their other commitments and leave you without a photographer!

It can also mean they haven't got the right insurance in place if things go wrong!

2. Experience

Choosing Uncle Bob or a student is a risky choice when it comes to your wedding memories. Don't underestimate the importance of using a professional wedding photographer. Weddings are the most demanding situations for any photographer. Timing is crucial, otherwise moments are missed.

When choosing, make sure they're experienced. Ask to see complete weddings from start to finish that they've done. Make sure that they will be the actual photographers on the day.

3. Attitude & Approach

Are they friendly? Do you feel comfortable with them? Is it someone that you can spend all day with? Is it someone you want photographing you, your family and friends on one of the biggest days of your life? Remember, your wedding photographer is also part of your day.

4. Backup Equipment

Any situation can occur when the photographers camera, lens or external flashgun fail mid-shoot! This happens to all pro photographers at some point. Without suitable back up equipment, the rest of the wedding is gone! Check that they have backup gear!

5. Indemnity Insurance

You never know what can happen. What If your photographer is late for your wedding? Worst still, what if your photographer doesn't show up at all.

If they are unable to offer you a refund, then at least you may able to claim your money back through their insurance company. Ask to see their insurance certificate.

6. Time, Time, Time

Allow plenty of it! Allow for more time than you think you need. Quality wedding photography is going to take time. A few of the images you see in my galleries require a little direction. Some shots don't just happen. It takes time to get things perfect like making sure the dress falls right. Time is also needed to organise groups and ensure that everyone is in the correct place.

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your big day is one of the most important decisions you will make. Hope this helps. Good Luck!



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