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Bredenbury Court Barns - Hereford Wedding Photographer

Wedding Locations: Holy Trinity Church, Kidderminster. Bredenbury Court Barns, Bromyard.
After a church ceremony in Kidderminster it was a return visit to Brendenbury Court Barns in Bromyard for Sophie and Ben's wedding reception.

Nestled just outside the picturesque town of Bromyard, Herefordshire, Bredenbury Court stands as a testament to the rich architectural heritage of England. Built in the early 17th century, this Grade I listed Jacobean mansion has served as a family home, a school, and now a wedding venue.

The heart of Bredenbury Court Barns lies in the main barn, a magnificent structure that exudes rustic charm with its exposed beams and wooden floors.

The barn's high ceilings and natural light create a sense of spaciousness and grandeur, making it an ideal setting for any wedding reception and perfect for wedding photography.

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Tell me how you first met? Who what when where why?

We first met at High School in year 9. We had some mutual friends but didn't really speak to each other. Ben liked to 'stir the pot' and have a laugh which sometimes was a bit annoying. So much so that, during a german lesson, i had had enough.

The originally shy and quiet girl i once was, blurted out what i really thought of him; that he was egotistical and needed to shut up. The teacher was shocked and just carried on with the lesson. I think that is the most the class had ever heard me speak.

Where was your first date? What did you think of each other?

We first got together at the end of sixth form, just before leaving for separate universities; Ben in Exeter, me in Birmingham.

Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

Originally we were meant to go to miami in April 2020 but due to COVID this was cancelled. Instead we organised a small trip to Scotland and again this got cancelled by the implementation of a lockdown.

During our 1 hour of exercise we decided to go for a walk around stourport, the town where we live. This included Hartlebury Common.

It was a very hot day and we had just climbed to the top of hartlebury common, Ben then got down on one knee and produced a ring. I was stunned, to the point where i answered with; what are you doing? Why are you doing this now? i'm all sweaty, Yes!

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

I love his sense of humour, he never fails to make me laugh, even when no one else is!

I love her smile, what ever is happening in my life it will always make me feel better.

Why did you choose Holy Trinity Church and Bredenbury Court as the venues for your wedding?

Holy Trinity, Far Forest is the church i grew up with and this is where a lot of family events have taken place so i have always felt a connection.

Ben and I fell in love with Bredenbury court barns as soon as we walked in, the decision was made for us when we saw the date we wanted was available; our 10 year anniversary as a couple.

The views of Malvern were also a massive bonus as the Malvern hills are very special to Ben's Family.

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Definitely looking forward to look on everyones face when the nominated carvers on each table receive their novelty aprons for our Host the Roast wedding breakfast!

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

The wedding planning was ok, we were trying to move house, so no problem was too big compared to moving!

Bonus question – As I’m a photographer, what advice can you give about choosing your wedding photographer?

Think about what type of pictures you want and how you want to remember the day.

Leo was perfect for us as we are always trying to take the most ad-hoc photos rather than the most beautiful or staged.

We love to look back on photos that make use laugh rather than just make us remember.

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