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Worcester Wedding Photographer - Bennetts Willow Barn

Wedding Location: Bennetts Willow Barn, Worcester.
Bennetts Willow Barn is a stunning wedding venue in Worcester.

It's set on a working farm and features a beautiful barn, a yurt marquee, a vintage tractor, a glamping village and many outdoor locations including an orchard, a beautiful pathway lined with majestic willow trees and picturesque log walls.

The venue is perfect for couples who are looking for a relaxed, chilled out, rustic wedding day.

One of the best things about Bennetts Willow Barn is that it offers a variety of options for wedding photography.

The barn itself is a beautiful space for indoor photos, with exposed beams and an old school charm.

The yurt marquee is a unique and stylish space for wedding receptions. It's light and airy, with fairy lights and a wooden floor.

And the outdoor spaces offer a variety of options for natural light photography. The venue is simply stunning!

A gorgeous September day greeted us all for Bridget and John's special day at Bennetts Willow Barn. It had everything and more!

From their beautiful dog `Albert ` the ring bearer, to Bennetts well known delicious ice cream!

From the raucous Ceilidh Band to everyone busting their moves on the dance floor into the evening!!

It was the perfect day! A big thank you to them both for letting me capture it!! Below are the messages I received from them.
"Wow we are blown away! They are amazing! We thought it would be about 10 photos!

They’re just so lovely- funny, heartfelt and captured all the fun of the day. Thank you so much, we can’t believe there’s more to come!

We’ve finally managed to download all the photos now. They’re so amazing! You’ve captured the day so well from the intimate moments to all the fun."

"Everyone just looks so happy and relaxed in them. They really made us laugh- especially all the ones with funny faces in.

We really couldn’t have asked for more, you worked so hard on the day and all our guest said what a friendly, fun photographer you were.

Once again thank you so much, we will treasure the photos forever!"

Best Wishes, Bridget and John.

Tell me how you first met? Who what when where why?

B - We met on Tinder! It must have been fate because I didn’t live near enough to John to come up on his search area, but we think we must have matched when I was working nearby.

J - Matched on tinder and I asked her about albert and told her about Vikings.

Where was your first date? What did you think of each other?

B - We went out for drinks in Cheltenham. I definitely liked him straight away but I wasn’t sure if he was ‘boyfriend material’! He was very loud and excitable.

J - We met up at the Cosy Club in Cheltenham for drinks. She was very beautiful and had such a kind soul, she was also very intelligent and interesting.

Tell me about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)

B - John is terrible at surprises so I’d guessed long before it happened that he was going to propose and which day it would be.

He’d asked me what sort of rings I liked and I hadn’t been very helpful. So he ended up proposing with a daisy that he made into a ring, it was lovely.

J - I was very nervous to ask Bridget as I knew in my heart of hearts she was the one.

My family helped me get together a proposal box full of treats and romantic things and then I picked a daisy from my mum garden and popped the question later on in the day.

Tell me one thing that you love most about each other.

B - I love how fun and energetic John is, he always puts a smile on my face and reminds me not to take things to seriously.

J - Bridget has such a kind soul and it permeates everything she does. You can feel the love in all her words and actions. On a less intense note she does lots of funny voices, dances and sings.

Why did you choose Bennetts Willow Barn as the venue for your wedding?

B - It was everything we wanted… fun, laid back and it had ice cream, what’s not to love?! Also, we could bring our dog Albert which was very important to us.

J - It look like relaxed place where we could let our hair down and Albert could come (our dog), he is the keystone of our relationship really.

Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

B - Two things… FOOD, we love food! Also dancing to the Ceilidh Band, I intend to dance every dance.

J- I’m looking forward to the feels, the romance, it’s going to be such an emotional day.

Also, the wedding breakfast, the wedding ice cream, the wedding pizza, the wedding cake and the wedding Full English that we are having the next day.

Might also have some snacks through out the day.

How have you find the wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

B - Overall it was fun, with the odd bit of stress thrown in! I would say get anything you can do early done so it’s ticked off your list, and make lots of lists!

Also be strict on how much you spend from the very beginning.

J -I’d say if you’re an easy going kind of person like myself ask for easy repetitive tasks that take little thought and that you can’t mess up, they will appreciate it.

Were there any hidden things or expenses you just didn’t consider before planning your day?

B - Not so much costs but I didn’t realise how many emails I would need to send to people! I’m looking forward to that being over.

J - Not gonna lie I did nothing in the planning but voice some opinions when I was asked. To be honest I’m just happy to be there.

Bonus question – As I’m a photographer, what advice can you give about choosing your wedding photographer?

B - choose someone who you get along with and isn’t annoying, as you want to feel comfortable.

J - Understand what you want on the day and look for a personality that matches.

We are chill people that live in the moment and want to see people living in the moment in our photos.

- Bennetts Willow Barn Worecester Wedding Photographer -
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